It is not often you meet a professional such as Steffen Reber. He is introducing and training our team with his structured methodology for footwear development, whilst defining standards, improving quality, fitting and reducing costs and development time.

His experience and personality make him a great mentor and teacher and we feel truly blessed to work with him.
Michael Illouz
CEO | Managing Director | Naot | Israeel
Unsere internationalen Kunden für das Set Schuhleisten und Formen aus einer Hand erwarten eine kompromisslose Qualität. Steffen Reber hat unser Paket in zahlreichen Projekten durch das Schuhdesign komplettiert. Mit Steffen haben wir einen Partner gefunden der zum einen seine umfangreiche Erfahrung im Schuhdesign und der Schuhtechnik in die Projekte einbringt aber vor allem mit großem Einsatz stets danach strebt dem Kunden ein perfektes Produkt abzuliefern.

Our international customers for the set of shoe lasts and moulds from one source expect uncompromising quality. Steffen Reber has completed our package with shoe design in numerous projects. With Steffen we have found a partner who on the one hand brings his extensive experience in shoe design and shoe technology into the projects but above all always strives with great commitment to deliver a perfect product to the customer.
Haymo Bertram
Vertriebsleiter | Fagus Design | Alfeld | Germany
Steffen Reber is a business partner and friend since nearly 30 years. In this time he has helped us evolve, by coaching our staff in design, lasts and patterntechnology along with on hand production improvement. He has supported us in worldwide sourcing for components, shoes and machinery. His kind personality combined with his professional expertise has been a reliable source to help and improve our business. Our cooperation is based on mutual respect, faith and sincerity. We are looking forward to many more joint projects.
Ignacio Suarez
General Manager & Owner | Danzar | Mexiko City
Steffen Reber is a fully accomplished professional. Above the fact that he is an old "Shoe Dog" who knows all the crafts and players of the sector, who has learned and masters all details of shoe making, material selection, outsole design and mould making particularities.

He brings with him the warmth and energy that ensures the good will and committed of everyone involved on each project he his working on. And this makes a huge difference.
Pedro Castro
CEO | Aloft | Canidelo | Portugal
I know Steffen Reber since our “Ars Sutoria days”...he’s a man of passion and will. He has strong design and technical basis and skills and a constant aim of perfection in quality, straight forward thinking and international manufacturing knowledge.

For me a friend and a valuable shoe designer and technician, with hands and heart of a shoemaker...
Sehr oft besteht eine riesige Lücke zwischen einer Produkt Idee und deren Umsetzung in ein marktgerechtes Produkt. Wenn es um Schuh Innvoation geht, ist für mich Steffen Reber der perfekte „Transformator“. Handwerkskunst und Kreativität kombiniert mit marktgerechter Umsetzungsfähigkeit ergibt Steffen Reber!

Frequently there is a big gap between a good product idea and the realisation of a sellable product. When it’s about innovation, Steffen Reber is the perfect “transformer”. Merging of craftsmanship and creativity to create the perfect product as required by sales = Steffen Reber!
Hermann Meyer
Founder & Owner | Vado shoes | Donaueschingen | Germany
Steffen Reber´s professionality is confirmed by years of good collaboration with major brands in our field of service.

As a shoe designer he has the rare ability to take an idea from scratch to production. We have experienced his capability and precise way of work with colleagues and customers to achieve the best possible result.
Pasquale Raimondi & Emilia Nicoletti
Co founder & Owner | Primpex SNC | Vicenca | Italy
Steffen is a man who strives for perfection. His attention to detail is what makes his work special. A great friend and a gentle human being.
Mayank Agarwal
CEO | Owner | Rupmaya shoe lasts | Agra | India
I have collaborated with Reber Design over 10 years now, with customers across the world (from Ethiopia, Israel, India to Germany). During our collaboration, I appreciated the technical knowledge for outsoles and shoe making of Steffen Reber - that helped us to manage complex projects for outsoles ranging all different materials, constructions and styles, from prefabricated to mouled, from leather to EVA/TPU/rubber, from formal to casual outsoles.

Steffen is an open minded professional, with an attitude to team working and problem solving, coped with a deep technical capability. It was a pleasure to collaborate with him in the past years and I hope to develop with him many more projects in the future!
Angiolo Mannini
CEO | Suolificio Mannini Romano | Sant'Elpidio A Mare | Italy

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